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Gregory Zarian
Actor/Model TV Host of the 85th Academy Awards

Famous Italian make-up artist, Gennaro Marchese praised the exceptional quality of NaturDerm products, in the March 28, 2013 issue of FAMA, an Italian people magazine!

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The Grass Roots Explosion of EpidermxIITM...
What do you do when you know the product you want, it just doesn't exist ... yet? That is the dilemma our founder, Amy Merwin faced in 2000!

Let's see... you are a single mom with 3 kids, and one of them just signed a modeling contract in New York City? On top of it all, her agency says to compete she has to have microdermabrasion treatments? Hmmm, this is a girl with perfect skin, and you would just love to do something about your own expanding wrinkles! But, the agency insists she can't compete in the top market in the world without microdermabrasion. They say nothing can equal the clarity and translucence that it gives to the skin.

So, you are a retired RN, and have been in health and beauty for over 20 years. You have had successful formulations in the past. Your budget is well, you don't even have one, you are a single mom with 3 kids! There really isn't anything in the market yet, just a couple of products with ingredients you don't want anywhere near your children,or you! So you go to work. You are having problems with age related acne, the other 2 kids are having adolescent acne issues; Dad is a MD and Grandpa is a Dermatologist. The kids are on all the latest and greatest acne regimens. They go away to band camp. They return and much to their shock, mom's skin issues, are no longer an issue! Now, they can't get their hands on this new goo fast enough! Grandpa the Dermatologist is amazed, the friends all want some... Meanwhile, the model with the perfect skin, glows. The agents are asking, they share it with their models, and friends, and on it went. The model becomes a Meteorologist, now the TV Broadcasters can't do without it... This is the story of EpidermxIITM a grass roots explosion that has changed lives around the world since 2000!

Unable to find anti-aging products that contained high tech science without silicones and parabens, Amy found a window in the anti-aging skin care market.
Driven to bring her customers the best in anti-aging skin care at affordable prices, in 2006 Amy founded NaturDerm, Inc. with a team of Cosmetic and Bio-Chemists, Naturopathic Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Estheticians.

Can the products you use pass the NaturDerm product promise? ...most anti-aging and skin care products can't!TM

Why not? We asked the same question! Most products today contain silicones. They are the darlings of the industry. Why? When you first use them, your skin appears smooth and looks good... why is that? Silicones are plastic based polymers that fill in imperfections and cracks in the skin. So what is the problem? Your skin is an organ, and one of its many functions, is basically, to breathe. Do you think a plastic film over your skin may affect the ability of your skin to eliminate toxins and wastes? If so, what would happen? If your skin cannot eliminate waste through the pores of the skin, it may be reabsorbed into the body! Ever wonder why you use a product for a short time, love it and then, what happened? Your skin looks dull, dry, or develops problems, so you switch to another product and the same thing happens? Sound familiar?TM

Few companies use green chemistry, and offer multi-functional anti-aging skin care formulations that are organic natural based , paraben-free and silicone-free; this is the signature of NaturDerm products. Bathe your skin in beautiful blends of fragrant botanicals, rich phytonutrients, therapeutic grade essential oils, enzymes and essential fatty acids, natural occurring alpha hydroxy and amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and multi-faceted antioxidants.TM

Since 2000, we have received many heart wrenching stories from people who speak of being house bound, ridiculed and alone, due to severe acne, acne scars, pitting, rosacea and other disfiguring skin disorders. People who didn't expect to see results, who write to share their life changing and uplifting stories, and send us their before and after photos!

...Think you can't turn back time? Effects that seem magical, results that are real!TM

We started out to fill a need. Now we work together; to learn, share and inform. Whether you are here for information, or to use our great products, we welcome you and thank you for your time!

The choices we make today, we see tomorrow ...Your skin, the way nature intended!TM

nature's advanced skin care thru simple scienceTM....

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How green is your glow?TM

The pure all natural organic NaturDerm product promiseTM:
no Silicones
no Parabens
no Petroleum-based ingredients

no Mineral oil
no SLS or ALS
no Propylene, Butyl or Ethyl Glycol
no Formaldehyde releasors
no Excess preservatives
no Fillers
no Myristates

no Phenoxyethanol
no Phthalates
no Paraffin
no Synthetic Waxes
no Artificial color
no Artificial fragrance
no Animal testing or by-products
no GMO

Preservative free ingredients

Green Chemistry
Eco/Animal friendly
Minimal packaging

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